Baby shower is one of the most exciting and interesting event before you hold your little one in your hands. Beautiful feeling of becoming a parent really makes your life a purpose and indulges you in never ending plans to welcome your little bundle of joy. Baby shower being the welcome party of your baby is an event full of laughter and fun where you celebrate the joy with your near and dear ones and cherish their gifts and wishes.
Baby shower cake is an important ingredient of the evening which completes your event and makes it extra enjoyable. Baby Shower Cakes come in customized or already prepared form with yummy flavors and attractive designs. Customize Baby Shower Cakes give you options to get it designed and made with your own choice of flavors and decorations.
Whole baby showers are based on the gender of your baby and so is the cake. You can decorate the cake using fondant frosting or butter cream, designing it into beautiful piece and can embellish it with pearls, flowers, dolls and other cake decorations.
Mostly people go for two to three tired cakes as they look beautiful and also are sufficient for the guests. With cute props of baby shoes, cloths, crowns of queen or king, flowers and even diapers, these cakes bring extra special charm for your table are a source to make your event memorable and exemplary for the life time.
Baby shower birthday cakes not only bring joy for your guests but also make your little one dance inside with every single bite who must craving for this special desert.

Getting news of baby brings much more wishes and joys in ones lives than anyone could imagine otherwise. With whole lot of excitement about the little one you start planning about everything that would make you happy and your little one blessed including baby shower. These Baby Shower Ideas will help you plan things in a great manner:

1. Theme:

Select a theme according to the gender for example blue for boy and pink for girl. Theme plays an important role in whole Baby Shower Ideas and makes easy for you to plan well.

2. Dishes:

Your guests need something delicious for their tummies. So dishes will give them all satisfaction to make your baby shower hit. Select dishes according to hi tea menu like pastries, croissants, pizza, cup cakes, cheese balls, grilled chicken pieces, small pizzas, sandwiches and etc.

3. Cake:

Cake being an important of all Baby Shower Ideas is also the main ingredient of the table. People will never enjoy your baby shower without a cake. Get a fondant or frosting cake designed according to the gender of your baby. Decorate it with good props and creams and let people make a good wish for your new arrival.

4. Games

Last but not least; arrange games to be played in your baby shower. Ask everyone to participate in those games and organize good gifts for the winners something like a unique show piece that would remind them of your baby shower every year and would make it a hit!

Baby shower is the most enjoyable and exciting event in a pregnant lady’s pregnancy tenure. With huge bundle of pregnancy discomfort and stress, one needs a peaceful time which can be enjoyed too. Baby shower is that one special peaceful time that not only relaxes a mother to be but also brings excitement and joy.
Baby Shower Favors are important part of baby shower planning in which you give gifts to your guests as a token of their courtesy of participating in your happiness. Or in other words we can say that it is thanks giving to your guests for their arrival.
These Baby Shower Favors are same alike for all the guests. You may select anything from cushions to towels, from plates to cups or glasses, from candles to lights, from flowers to candies and from decoration pieces to wall frames. With beautiful message written on it with name of your baby and date of your shower with any additional information you like, these favors can become a life time memory for your guests.
Cute Baby Shower Favors can be customized feeders, hats made of diapers, customized cup cakes, small baby trolleys with chocolates or candies, small baby cushions with ribbons, plastic flowers with cute envelope attached, cute scented candles, cute ducklings and chicks and baby things like oil, lotion, powder or soap.
Baby Shower Favors bring smile on faces of your guests and they appreciate your concern for their time makes them remember your child for the rest of their lives.

Baby shower is the most exciting and joyful event in a mommy’s to be life. You can never make a pregnant woman cherish any day as much as at baby shower evening. The mom to be is absolute excited to hold the little bundle of joy nourishing every day inside her and baby shower is the best way to show that excitement with beautiful decorations and props .
Baby Shower Decorations are best way to expose gender of your baby and to show people how creative you are. You can use everything that’s in your house to create beautiful, stylish and extremely innovative baby shower decorations such as tissues, paper, scissors, plastic bottles, coins, threads, ribbons, beats, spoons, balls, cloths, rubbers or anything. You can use these things in making floaters for your table, chandeliers, wall hangers or table central pieces.
Baby Shower Decorations have major elements of balloon in them that really embark a cute signature to your event. Based on the gender of your baby you can choose balloon colors such as pink and purple for baby girl and different shades of blue for baby boy and if you don’t want to expose the gender you can use unisex balloon colors such as white, yellow, green and orange.
It’s not only on walls or table that your decorations exhibit but also on dishes specially cakes and cup cakes that have to go perfect with the decoration theme. Baby Shower Decorations are one good way to make your baby shower rock people minds and make you a popular organizer.

Babies being the most important part of one’s life are also the most angelic creature one would need in ones sad and happy days. As soon as you find that you are expecting a baby, a wave of excitement and happiness clings you and whispers daily about new plans for your baby. These plans being mostly related to shopping and nurturing of your new one also incorporates an important plan of baby shower. Baby Shower being the warm welcome event for your baby also requires other closed people to celebrate the joy of your new arrival with you.
Baby Shower Invitations are the call to request people to make your evening colorful and joyful. You can give Baby Shower Invitations with various means like call, mobile messages, social media sharings or even handy invitations. For a call you may call line by line every single person you want to invite or may ask one person to tell the rest two or three and so on.
Social media messaging and sharing is very common and interesting today. Just write a post or make a beautiful photo editing your baby shower with your pregnant belly and a beautiful message on it and share it on your timeline with customized options of who can see it. Add all those you want to invite with all the details mentioned.
Lastly handy messages are one old yet still in fashion Baby Shower Invitations in which you would get a card designed with all details and send it to all people you don’t want to miss your special day.

It’s so much fun to organize a Baby Shower but the more fun comes in when games are played. With giggles and laughter to cute insults and leg pulls the evening becomes quite interesting and trust me among you all the most enjoying party is the baby inside who won’t stop kicking. You can arrange following games for your Baby Shower Games :

1. Don’t Utter ‘baby’:

Yes very interesting and difficult too. Who won’t say a word ‘baby’ throughout shower? No one I believe but this game makes it interesting. Tell people not to utter a word ‘baby’ throughout the eve, observe people and the one who succeeds in not uttering would win a prize.

2. Guess what’s in my diaper bag:

Yes put up at least 10 to 12 things in your diaper bag like cloths, towel, nail clipper, lotion, diapers, wipes, sheet, swaddle sheet and etc. Give your guests pen and pencil and ask them to guess and write. The person with almost same guesses wins the match.

3. What did I name Him?

This is a tricky and very interesting game too. Think a name for your baby and ask people what you thought. Give them clues and hints or even examples too. Ask them to write at least 3 names they can guess and the person with clear guess would be a winner.

So you see how games are interesting and enjoyable? Give a good gift to winners from your little one enjoy being a judge mommy!

The best thing a couple can dream of and hold is news of a baby coming in their lives to make them more beautiful. Babies are the biggest blessing of Lord and no one can ever deny the happiness they bring in our lives. The angelic creature holding the knot of our life and making it a motive each passing day also deserves a warm welcome.
Baby Shower is the custom or an eve celebrated to welcome the beautiful new born creature. As soon as one hears the news of a baby, a desire of a baby shower keeps twinkling in hearts and minds and lots of effort is being made to plan and keep a baby shower.
Baby Shower can be kept anywhere between 7 to 9 months of pregnancy or you may call it your last trimester treat. With a theme selected and so many wishes made a beautiful evening is created in which you invite your closed friends and family members to include them in your utter happiness. These family and friends in favor bring gifts, bounties and wishes for your new little one and sometimes for you too.
A Baby Shower can also be organized or arranged by your relative and friend as a surprise for their token of love. With a moving pace of a fast world now Baby Shower is one common and important thing in your pregnancy tenure with all wishes and love that your little one would desire and a beautiful welcome he would enjoy while inside.