How to make diaper cake

Many of the parents-to-be think of celebrating arrival of their newborn in a unique way. Therefore, they don’t leave any stone unturned to celebrate this event in a newer way. One of the newest ways to celebrate the baby shower event is to make a Diaper Cake. However, many of the people consider it as a gift for the to-be-parents. Many people ask how to make diaper cake. You would find it an affordable and easy to make thing as well. Take a look at some of the points to make a diaper cake. After this, you won’t ask again how to make diaper cake.

  1. For a fun design, you need to choose a diaper. The colorful designs should be selected to give more appealing look to the cake. In this way, your cake would grab attention of many people. Whether it is used for presenting a gift or serving to the guests, it should look exact like a diaper.
  2. The diaper cake should be formed from the top. To stop it from unrolling, wrap a rubber band around the rolled diaper. Secure seven more diapers and roll them up. Now you need to give it a middle layer by creating centerpiece. Create the similar fashion to create base. A wrap-around diaper cake should be created after it.
  3. Flat the diapers by removing them from package. Around the base layer, place a large rubber. Form the other two layers by repeating the same process. Now it’s time to decorate the cake. Take a cardboard for using as a base. Use a ribbon to form a layer on each floor. The decorative embellishments can be used over the cake for decorations. Use net or cellophane to wrap this beautiful cake. This cake is the perfect choice for the gift of a baby shower. You would definitely avoid asking how to make a diaper cake.