Girl baby shower idea

A baby shower for the mother-to-be is an exciting time. It is a happy time for her family and friends. To offer a personal and unique touch, you can arrange for decorations, handmade gifts and customize to suit a baby girls arrival. Girl baby shower ideas can include creative ideas such that guests also treasure it and it is an honor to the mother-to-be.

  • Keep pink color in everything as girls love pink. You can make candies in pink color or fill baby bottles or tins with candy and decorate it as shower favors for the guests to be given. This will be one of the best as girl baby shower ideas.
  • Personalize even the invitation card as girls always love attention and so do the honor to your guests as well. If possible ask them to come in pink colors.
  • Make pink colored handmade candles for the baby shower. It looks highly feminine and use the candles during the party as decoration. Remember to place it out of reach.
  • Also buy pink silk or paper flowers from your local craft stores. Use it as pins and you can attach them on the curtains of your windows or stick the flowers using tapes to walls to make a beautiful decoration.
  • Make a basket, fill it with necessities such as keepsake, soft toy and tie a pink ribbon on the handle. Also wrap it and tie a pink color bow or ribbon. Gift it to the mother-to-be. She will feel happy.
  • Place fresh flowers in clear vases and serve edible centerpieces with containers that are filled with pink cupcakes and pink candy.
  • Plan your girl baby shower ideas carefully, else it can be costly. Work on invitations to decorations and keep it handmade. Also take your friends and neighbors to complete the handmade works.