Cool Baby shower invitation

There are a few things that you need to do to start with the initial arrangements for your baby shower. First you need to decide on the venue then the date, after that prepare a guest list and next is to send the baby shower invitations.
Usually the baby shower invitations are sent out between the four to six weeks prior to the date of the shower. Ideally held on the weekends in the afternoon for 3 to 4 hours. Third trimester is the best time to hold the shower as a baby is born between the 37th to 42nd week so between 28th to 36th week of pregnancy is the perfect time for this occasion.

Baby Showers are mostly organised by a friend, colleague or close relative. Ensure that the guest of honour’s name is prominently written that is the mother’s. Don’t forget to mention your own name and relation to the would be parents. Mention clearly the date, time, and venue and also if it is a theme party then the details of it. The theme can be a farmyard, pink or teddy bear, etc.

Also if this event is planned as a surprise then let the invitees be also aware of that and not call up the would be parents on this matter to confirm, rather you leave a date before which they should give a response to the baby shower invitation if they can turn up or not for the shower.

You can send these invitations online, via email. It’s a good preference for tight budget cases. You will get plenty of baby shower cards online with good designs on them. If there is a lot of old people who are on the guests list then you need to write them a personal invitation and mail them by post but still you never know as there are a lot of grannies who check their email regularly.