Baby shower game

Baby shower game

Baby shower game

Baby shower is said to be an event in which parents celebrate the arrival of their newborn with the loved ones. This event is not organized like birthday parties and other occasions based on large scale. Baby shower this event is actually organized for a get together with the relatives and friends. In this way, the mother-to-be gets lots of suggestions, advices and tips regarding pregnancy. Secondly, she also shares her personal experience with the people. Playing any baby shower game can also be a fun-filled activity.

Baby memory game

The game of baby memory is based on using different stuff of the babies. The stuffs like diapers, bottles and other things are placed on the floor. After showing them for few seconds, these are covered with the blanket. At last, the guests and even parents tell the names of items they have memorized till the last second. It is quite common baby shower game.

Mystery Taste

Another common game used to play in baby showers is mystery taste. In this game, the different baby foods are tasted by the people and they have to identify them. This fun game would also be the best activity of this event.

Baby Name Game

In this game, the guests write any of their favorite names on the pieces of papers. The best name is selected by the parents-to-be. The winning name gets a gift in the last.

These games create lots of fun and make every moment memorable for the parents. Guests and organizers try their best to provide lots of happiness to the parents through this event. Therefore, it is suggested to focus on such activities. Any of the chosen baby shower game should be interesting. Make sure that there should be higher participation of the mother-to-be as well. It would be definitely a great evening for you.