Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Make this one of the most special moments of your life beautiful with these boy baby shower ideas.

Wild Wild West Baby Shower.

Make the dress code for the party as Cowboys, get your boots and hats. This “cowboys and Indians” theme can be fulfilled with feather garlands, banners, cupcake toppers. Get western scarves, tepee shaped party favors and arrow-shaped pens. It will be fun to welcome the next cowboy in the family in such a grand fashion.

Zebra Baby Shower.

Take a stroll on the wilder side of nature with having a Zebra theme for your Baby Boy Shower. Choose black, white, blue and brown as party colours. Get zebra stripped curtains, paper glasses, a wishing tree, banners, paper lanterns and ribbons. Zebra striped cake will be the final touch which all will enjoy and remember.

A Rubber Duckie Baby Shower.

Another silly whimsical party theme yet stylish the rubber duckie. A yellow, white and grey colour primarily with touch of blue showed in patterned decorations, flowers, frames. Wineglasses decorated with glittery ducks, toy ducks on cakes. The future baby can have a huge rubber duckie collection for their bath time.

Space Invaders Baby Shower.

Welcome your beautiful baby boy to the planet. This will let you have an out of the box baby shower, an alien theme. You can use yellow, orange, grey and blue colour decorates and setting. The party can have interesting food like ‘rocket fuel’ –lemonade, ‘ ‘asteroids’ –donut holes, ‘tricolored laser beams’ –bell peppers of three colours. Guests can take home favors like bags with space invader graphics.

Rock star Baby Shower.

Celebrate the rock star in your soon to be baby boy. Put on some rock music themed decorations. Make the dress code with tees with rock phrases like “my son is a rock star”, “born to rock”. Put a funny “Potty like a rock star” label on the washroom. Your rock loving guests will be thrilled and they might get instigated to put on some performances to increase the thrill and there it is, you got a rocking party.